Some Recent Photos

Some Recent Photos

Last year I bought myself a small mirror-less camera, mostly for hiking. I've been trying to work on my photography skills, and while most of what I take doesn't come out looking so good, I've gotten a few I'm proud of. Here they are:

Rancho San Antonio Preserve 2022-10-30

I purposefully bought a camera that I could take hiking, here's some photos from a 6 mile loop in Rancho San Antonio Preserve. Towards the end I came around a corner upon a flock of Turkeys on a hill below the trail.

Driving the Coast 2022-11-12

Harvest, Swiss, and I took a drive up the coast from Santa Cruz to Pescadero on a quiet Saturday.

Fighters Jets

I live close-ish to a landing pattern for Moffet Field, and on very rare occasions I can catch some cool planes as they land.