An Introduction



My name is Kurt Lewis and I'm a computer science student at the University of Cincinnati, class of 2019. I love learning, coding, and creating. I love tech communities, and immersing myself in technology and coder culture. I'm constantly looking for opportunities to learn.

Here at UC, I'm involved with a number of organizations. Its been my goal to help foster a strong tech community at the University of Cincinnati. For two years I ran ACM@UC, the Association for Computing Machinery at UC. I saw ACM@UC as a great avenue for building a tech community here, and I aimed to achieve it through the use of engaging and interesting meetings and outreach. I also help to run RevolutionUC. RevolutionUC is UC's student hackathon, and definitely an important part of the tech community here at UC. I've served as the director of the event, where I managed the team and oversaw all operations. Now, my involvement with both organizations is that of an active member. I'm a member and the tech chair of CEAS Ambassadors. Ambassadors is a student group devoted to giving tours of the engineering college to prospective students. As a member, I give regular tours and talk with prospective students about why UC might be the right choice for them. As the technology chair, I maintain the groups website.

In my free time, I like to spend time away from the computer. I love the outdoors, including running, hiking, and biking. I also love exploring, be it state parks or farmer's markets downtown. It would be dishonest to write an about post without including that I spend an incredible amount of time listening to and reading about music. I'm an avid Drake, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, and Majid Jordan fan, just to name a few.

I hope to be active on this blog, posting about technology, leadership, and even personal posts!